Streamlined invoice management for paperless productivity

Processing invoices doesn’t have to be a pain.

Bill One receives and digitizes your invoices for you, so your teams can focus on higher-value work.
1. Receive & Digitize

The Bill One Scanning Center Receives and digitizes your invoices so your teams don’t have to

Free up time to do better and bigger things.
Regardless of format, Bill One digitizes your invoices into ready data for you, all on one centralized platform. Say goodbye to manual data entry.
  • 99.9% digitization accuracy through proprietary OCR & human checks in Singapore-based scanning center
  • Access your digitized invoice data in the cloud 24/7, anywhere
  • Original invoices are returned to your company every month
2. Centralize & Track

Centralize and track all your invoices in a “Single Source of Truth” database

Besides physical mail, Bill One centralizes all other invoice data from email, PDF and other formats, letting your teams effectively search, track and monitor action status.
  • Digitized invoices are automatically sent to your Bill One cloud database.
  • At-a-glance clarity of all received invoices
  • Export invoice data into your accounting software or ERP system
3. Streamline Workflows

Accelerate your company’s monthly closing and facilitate audits through streamlined digital workflows

Bill One streamlines your company’s invoice approval process so things move faster. Get notified at key stages, and set up notifications for your invoice approval team at each stage to move workflows along.
  • Set up approval teams for single or bulk invoices
  • Automated notifications and note-sharing enhances collaboration at each approval stage
  • Fully-digital invoice trails make checks, approvals and audits possible from anywhere
4. Vendor Management

Establish full oversight and clarity of your vendors

Bill One promotes transparent communication between your company and vendors, allowing stakeholders to openly track and manage invoice activity and status.
  • View and track, monitor and manage your vendors effectively at a glance
  • Promotes transparent customer-vendor communication through invoice status visibility
  • Generate unique email addresses for registered vendors to send invoices directly to your Bill One database
5. Multi-Layer Security

Bill One ensures your data is secure and locked tight

Safeguard your teams against invoicing frauds and scams, through Bill One’s fenced-off ecosystem.
  • Only registered vendors are authorized to send invoices to your Bill One account
  • Customized user-specific access rights for various security profiles
  • SSO, 2FA, IP Address restriction

Learn how Bill One makes invoice processing simple, effective, and frees up time for your teams to achieve higher value productivity.