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Sansan and Bill One solutions are ISO-certified. This means that they conform to the highest standards of data digitization accuracy and cloud security.

Over 8,000 global customers entrust sensitive and mission-critical company data to us, and use this data integrity to build effective digital transformation strategies and enforce corporate governance.

Our stewardship of their data ensures that it is kept secure, accurate and easily accessible. Besides significant reduction in security risks, our customers enjoy the assurance that their contact and transactional data is legal compliant, and has built-in support for data protection requirements.

ISO27001 IS 765909 (Sansan / Bill One)
ISO27017 CLOUD 765911 (Sansan)

About Bill One and Sansan, Inc.

Bill One is a subdivision of Sansan, Inc., Japan’s leading business card contact management solution provider and a pioneer in B2B software. Sansan is headquartered in Tokyo with our Global base in Singapore and an office in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bill One applies Sansan’s 15+ years of proprietary AI-driven OCR technology for a user-friendly solution that speeds up invoice processing and helps companies move from analog to digital.

Sansan was founded in Tokyo in 2007. It was a bold startup in a time when conservative corporate culture dominated. In 2019, Sansan was the biggest IPO on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, raising more than JPY33.8 billion (USD$ 250 million).

Today, Sansan has 1,000+ employees worldwide with an annual revenue of US$151 million (as of May 2022). True to its mission of “Turning Encounters into Innovation”, Sansan continues to develop new innovative product offerings like Bill One for new markets and grow from strength to strength.

See Sansan’s history and leadership here.


Chika Terada

Representative Director & CEO
Chika began his career with Mitsui & Co., Ltd. After moving to the IT Marketing Division, he relocated to Silicon Valley to work with local venture companies to develop their Japan-focused businesses. After returning to Japan, Chika launched an internal venture and worked for an affiliated company, after which he founded Sansan Inc. in 2007.

Kei Tomioka

Director, Executive Officer, CRO; CEO, Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.
Kei began his career with Oracle Corporation Japan, and was based in Shanghai and Bangkok, taking charge of market development across Greater China (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan), Southeast Asia, and India. In 2007, Kei co-founded Sansan, Inc. and has led business efforts for Sansan, the service for sales DX. As CRO, he oversees company-wide operating revenue, and from 2023, he has served as CEO of Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.

Edward Senju

CRO, Sansan Global Pte. Ltd.; GM, Thailand Representative Office
Since joining Sansan in 2009, Edward has been a key contributor in the company’s growth and expansion. From the Singapore base and Thailand Representative Office, he focuses on bringing Sansan’s benefits to Asia-Pacific and beyond.

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