How Bill One Works for You All your invoices consolidated
and centralized, in the cloud

Your vendors upload, email, or post their invoices. Bill One receives them, digitizes them, and adds them to your cloud database. Then use Bill One to approve, pay, and manage.
No more opening envelopes and emails. No more scanning and data entry. We've got you covered.

  • Paper = analog. It gets
    circulated, lost, and eats up
    your time. Go digital and lose
    the mess.

  • Communication across multiple
    locations and departments, is a
    constant chore. We'll get you

  • Accounting can't settle the
    invoice if one person's holding
    up the process. Bill One helps
    you remove the roadblocks.

Streamlined Workflows Go digital and make month-end closing a breeze.
Simply direct your vendors to Bill One.

Bill One's Main Functions Bill One streamlines the operations of all departments
handling invoices. Not only the Accounting Dept. will benefit.

Proxy receipt

Receive all your invoices online, whether in digital or paper format. Have your vendors post their paper invoices to Bill One and we’ll receive them on your behalf and scan them for you. Or have invoices sent to a dedicated Bill One address and we’ll automatically upload them to your account. All your invoices will be centralized, with no extra burden on your vendors.

Highly accurate digitization

Enjoy extremely accurate digitization from our proprietary AI + OCR combination. This has been developed over many years through business card digitization and human checking at our scan centers in Singapore, Thailand, and Japan. Bill One currently handles invoices in English, Thai, and Japanese.

Streamlined workflows

Bill One streamlines your approval processes from receipt of invoice through to payment and reconciliation. Receipt notifications, reminders, and notes can also be added, helping to centralize workflows, speed up monthly closing, and make audits go more smoothly.

Integrate with other systems

Bill One can be integrated with your other systems via API or importing CSV files.

Vendor management

Bill One promotes transparent communication between your company and your vendors, as stakeholders can openly track and manage invoice activity and status.
✔️ View and track, monitor and manage vendors at a glance
✔️ Customer–vendor communication by viewing invoice status
✔️ Vendors receive a unique email address to invoice directly to your Bill One database

More features & functions

  • Manage
    invoice status
  • Comments
    & memos
  • Save edit and
    response history
  • Internal announcements
    & reminders
  • Attach
    supplementary files
  • Invoice search
  • Download
    (PDF, CSV)
  • Retain
    original invoices
  • Payment
  • Single sign-on
  • Two-factor
    authentication (2FA)
  • IP address
  • User management
  • Display customization
  • No saving limits

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  • Q. What kind of companies is this service for?

    Any size of company, from SMEs/SMBs to large corporations, can use and benefit from Bill One. Even if you're using ERP or workflow systems, you can integrate Bill One and boost your efficiency.
  • Q. How long does it take to digitize invoices?

    Invoices are typically digitized within a few hours of when we receive them. You can also view received invoices as images even before they’re digitized. This lets you act quickly when necessary, without waiting for them to be passed along or forward via email.
  • Q. What happens when Bill One receives invoices for us (proxy receipt)?

    When we receive and scan paper invoices on your behalf, we’ll send the originals to you the month after we received them. We send them at no extra cost to you.
  • Q. How do I explain this system to my vendors?

    We provide you with mail templates that you can send to your vendors. These explain how they can simply switch where they send invoices. You can also use a CSV file to bulk enter vendors into Bill One and contact them all at once.
  • Q. Is my data secure?

    Absolutely. We use advanced security measures (such as encryption and a personal information protection management system) and have acquired ISMS (ISO27001) certification.